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Professional Commercial Painting Services in Los Angeles, California

Our leading team of commercial building painters are proud to supply residents of Los Angeles with outstanding results on their industrial painting needs. Our local commercial painting services are exactly what you need to increase the appearance of your business today.

Business owners choose our team because we are licensed professionals that provide a three-year warranty, and top quality results. We take all precautions to ensure you receive the highest quality results on your office painting needs.

It is recommended that you receive commercial painting every 3-5 years to maintain the quality appearance of your office or commercial building. While our paint lasts for up to 15 years, many business owners choose routine touch ups to maintain the highest quality look.

We provide the best results on buildings such as schools, parks, apartments, and shopping centers. Some of the various industrial painting services that we provide for include: sidewalks, warehouses, forklifts and more.

We provide hot power washing to remove and dirt, grime, grease, gum or oil that can  be built up on your walls or desired surfaces. We apply a primer coat before we begin painting any color, this ensures the highest quality hold on your chosen paint.

Many business owners choose our commercial exterior painting for graffiti removal services. We utilize our stain blocking primer to capture the graffiti, followed by hot power washing two coats of color. We also offer a waterproof coat that is anti-graffiti, this allows you to easily remove tags if they happen again.

With each commercial building painting, you can expect your results to be dry anywhere from 4- 5 hours. Requesting oil based products can take up to 2 days for quality dry time.

When you find yourself in need of a commercial painting contractor choose our team of experts at ABC Commercial Painting & Coatings. We ensure the highest quality results on your office painting, graffiti removal, and professional painter services.

One of our friendly associates will be more than happy to assist you in your commercial interior and exterior painting needs. Call now at (626) 244-8173 and schedule your commercial painting needs.

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